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Law Decrees

Decree-Law No. 214/2003

This decree-law of 29 April lays down the definitions, classification and characteristics of honey and the rules on the wrapping and labeling thereof, adopting the provisions of Council Directive No 74/409 / EEC of 22 July on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to honey.

Decree-Law nº1 / 2007

Establishes the operating conditions for the extraction and processing of honey and other apiculture products intended for human consumption, supplementing Regulations (EC) Nos 852/2004 and 853/2004, both of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 29 April, establishing the respective regime and conditions of registration and approval.

Decree-Law nº203 / 2005

It establishes the legal regime of the beekeeping activity and the sanitary norms for defense against the diseases of the bees.

Decree-Law nº148 / 2008

Ensure compliance with the obligations arising from Commission Regulation (EC) No 1084/2003 of 3 June 2002 on the examination of variations to the terms of a marketing medicinal products for human use and veterinary medicinal products, granted by the competent authorities of the Member States, in respect of veterinary medicinal products.

Transposes Directive 2004/28 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March and partially Directive 2001/82 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 November 2001 on the Community code relating to veterinary medicinal products and Commission Directive 2006/130 / EC of 11 December 1999 laying down criteria for the exemption from veterinary prescription of certain veterinary medicinal products applicable to animals and repeals Decree-Laws Nos 146/97, 11 June, 184/97, 26 July, 232/99, 24 June, 245/2000, 29 September, 185 / 2004 of 29 July and 175/2005 of 25 October.


Normative Order nº24 / 2009

It lays down amendments to the supplementary rules for the application of the National Apicultural Program, hereinafter referred to as NAP, approved by Commission Decision C (2007) 3803 final of 10 August 2007, pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 797/2004, of the Council of 26 April and of Commission Regulation (EC) No 917/2004 of 29 April and regulated by Regulatory Order No 23/2008 of 18 April.

Normative Order nº23 / 2008

It lays down supplementary rules for the application of the National Apicultural Program, hereinafter referred to as NAP, approved by Commission Decision C (2007) 3803 final of 10 August 2007, pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 797/2004 of the Council of 26 April and Commission Regulation (EC) No 917/2004 of 29 April.

Normative Order nº11 / 2010

It lays down the supplementary national rules for the recognition of producer organizations and associations of producer organizations in the sectors and products referred to in the Annexes to this Decree-Law and forming an integral part thereof, provided for in Sections I and II-B of Chapter II, Title II, Part II of Council Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 of 22 October.

Dispatch No. 14536/2006

Concerning the compensation procedure for apiaries subject to sanitary slaughter.


Ordinance no.699 / 2008

Regulates the derogations provided for in Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April and Commission Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 of 15 November certain foodstuffs.

Ordinance nº821 / 2008

It lays down the scheme for the implementation of Action 1.3.2 ‘Multifunctional management’ of measure 1.3 ‘Promotion of forest competitiveness’, which is part of subprogramme 1 ‘Promotion of competitiveness’, of the Development of the Continent (PRODER).

Ordinance nº349 / 2004

Decree-Law no. 37/2000, of 14 March, establishes the legal regime for beekeeping activities concerning the holding, breeding or exploitation of bees of the Apis mellifera species, specifying, in particular, the parameters to be met by the density of apiaries, as well as the national ceiling of hives per apiary.


Regulation No 852/2004

It lays down general rules for food business operators concerning the hygiene of foodstuffs.

Regulation No 853/2004

It lays down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin.

Regulation No 854/2004

It lays down specific rules for the organization of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption.

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