The Apisantos Group is a family-owned and traditional company that has been engaged since 1978 in the production, manufacture and sale of materials and utensils for beekeeping and apiculture activity.

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Our mother brand includes products based on honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis and all the apiculture utensils and materials made and manufactured by the company.


A complete line of cosmetic products – from hand creams to facial creams, honey-based soaps to moisturizers and shampoos, among others

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The latest brand in our group features a selection of high quality honey products, carefully chosen to satisfy the palate of a good gourmet. Honey, honey with dried fruit, honey with royal jelly, chocolate with honey, honey brooches, honey-filled sweets are some of the delicious flavors of this brand.

All our food products comply with strict procedures that guarantee food safety through our HACCP system, without losing sight of the traditional flavors and their natural properties.


José Santos knew the passion for bees very young and did not rest while he did not dedicate himself full time to beekeeping. Now 83 years old, this beekeeper has spent more than half of his life dedicating himself to these little insects who like flowers, produce honey, have a female leader and do not like being disturbed at all!

The passion for the bees passed to their two children – Artur Santos and Fernando Santos, who became beekeepers and responsible for the company APISANTOS

How it all began



He creates the company TERMICOLMEIA.


The APISANTOS brand is born – from the connection of passion to business to family – Fernando Santos and Artur Santos


The Santos family starts the project for new facilities capable of competing at the highest national and international levels in the food industry – honey and by – products, royal jelly, pollen and propolis.


Creation of a new plant where currently the Unit of Extraction, Filtration and Packing and Reconditioning of honey and its derivatives – MELARIA TRADICIONAL LICENCIADA.


Production of biological honey from heather and rosemary.


Creation of the company APISANTOS – Comercial, Lda. And first steps towards the internationalization.


Creation of the CASA SANTOS brand – natural products of high quality bees – exclusively Portuguese honey produced in protected, virgin and unpolluted zones.


Apisantos aims to build a strong, competitive and sustainable culture based on a coherent set of values and principles encompassing economic and environmental objectives.

We are going to make the market know us well enough to put us among the 3 best companies at the national level in the production and packaging of honey as well as its derivatives!


We will have clients who expect from us current and innovative articles and merchandise, with the quality, price and term exactly suited to their use!

Suppliers expect from us partnership, loyalty and fulfillment of the financial counterparts! Partnership is a two-way “bridge”!

Team Apisantos
We want to provide the work team with a familiar environment where they can feel good and equip them with the necessary means to participate in the company’s development and evolution!

We are integrated into a local community, region and country, to which we are culturally and socially linked; we are aware that local development generates benefits for everyone: for the company, for the region and for the country!


We will have adequate facilities that serve our purposes: the team, the business and also the environment around us!

Machinery & Equipment
We will have a factory machinery and equipment that will serve exactly our needs and objectives; must be maintained so that their effectiveness and efficiency is to the exact extent intended and with respect for the environment and resources!

We have the notion that the resources placed at our disposal are scarce, limited and costly and therefore must be used with great discretion!

Waste and Recycling
We will have zero waste as a horizon, recycling whenever possible and increasing its value!

We will produce and sell products and merchandise that serve our business objectives; we will have to be creative and learn constantly! Change is a reality to which we must respond! Let us therefore adapt ourselves to it!

1) Respect for People and Environment
2) Honesty in Action
3) Work and Humility
4) Rigor
5) Learning
6) Creativity

  • The main purpose of the business is to maintain one’s business! For this we will provide our customers, suppliers and the team with reasons to feel pride and satisfaction in “dressing up” every day! In the background we will give the cultural, social and financial conditions so that people continue to look after the business.
  • Acquire a considerable share in the market for honey and honey products with the long-term goal of becoming one of the major players in this sector.
  • Produce and commercialize the best honey and the best selection of honey in both the Casa Santos brand and the Apisantos brand.
  • Focus the company’s business on the needs of customers, always trying to surprise their expectations.
  • Obtain from the community the recognition of our work and the realization that our company is in fact a company that bets on quality and is always at the forefront of the markets where it operates.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, both in the production and packaging of our products, through our HACCP System.
  • Work to produce safe food in order to obtain maximum satisfaction from our customers.
  • Obtain the certification of our Food Safety Management System for which we refer to NP EN ISO 22000: 2005.
  • Get the full satisfaction of our customers always trying to exceed their expectations regarding our products? We bet on the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes because we believe it is possible to “do well and do the first”, and only in this way can we position APISANTOS at the level of the best companies in Europe.
  • Ensure the training and appreciation of our employees, improving their working conditions by providing a better service in order to make our organization more effective.
  • Ensure food safety and also the permanent search for process improvement through our Functional and Structure Incident Management and Traceability System, which allows us to respond to the chain requirements of each of our products but also optimizes internal procedures in the company.